Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brotherly Love

Otto and Miles went in for their neuters August 23rd at 19.5 months. We waited as long as possible but we had to have them neutered before they can get their AKC ILPs. Lure coursing starts in September and we have to have them registered before we can enter them.

I got to stay with them both during the entire surgery. It was pretty interesting. Miles went first and recovered on the floor on blankets while Otto had his surgery. After both were awake they put us all in a room while the boys finished waking up. Since Miles had surgery first he was ahead of Otto in waking up and was pretty concerned about his brother. Even though he was having trouble holding his own head up he carefully checked out his brother Otto. It was so sweet I had to take a video of it.

After Otto woke up he scooted himself over so he could check out Miles. They both could barely hold up their heads but the urge to play got the better of them. What sweet loving brothers! 
Miles recovered nicely. Ottos family says he has too. Miles slept most of the day today and was pretty mellow but hopped around happily this afternoon. No running for awhile. He blew a few pads running last week so hasn't been able to run for over a week now and now needs to wait another week. Not a good thing for a puppy.

Jekyll Island GA

 Roy and I took all 3 dogs to Jekyll Island GA for a little vacation. A friend, Sam, lives there with her 4 greyhounds, a bird and cat. She needed a sitter for them so we had a vacation and helped her at the same time. We had a bit of a snafu on the way down when the van broke down in Walterboro. They couldn't get it fixed so we ended up having to call Roy's son, Cole, to transport the dogs and all of our stuff down to Jekyll Island. That was after spending an entire day in Walterboro waiting for them to fix the van. Actually the dogs and I were invited to stay in the museum across the street from the garage. The museum is still under construction but had air. The dogs were very good and just laid on their bed all day. They were so good that they were invited back for the grand opening of the museum.
 Since our van was in the shop we used bikes and a golf cart on the island. It is only 7 miles long so there was no problem getting places. It was more difficult to get the dogs to the beach since it was a distance from the house and it was too hot to walk the dogs that far. Miles liked riding with us on the golf cart so he is the one that got to go to the beach and be in most of the photos.

 There were lots of loggerhead turtle nests on the beaches.

Miles, Pinky and one of Sam's dogs Zoomie watching the deer at the feeders. Sam's dogs didn't pay much attention to the deer but my dogs were very interested in them at first. They would come right up to the glass. When we arrived the first night and were unloading the dogs, there was a herd of 8 or so deer just standing a few yards away from us in the front yard. I could walk out in the front yard with them and take photos and they wouldn't run off. When we would walk the dogs through the neighborhood in the evening we would see deer in the yards and crossing the street. Just beautiful!