Sunday, October 5, 2014

I haven't updated in a long time! Happy Stutz has been a great addition to our home. He and Miles get along together very well. We have had another addition too now! Another Italian Greyhound named Logo's Holy Ghost. We got him in January almost exactly a year after Pinky died.

He was born in November of 2013 and came from the same breeder as Pinky. This is the first photo I saw of him. When she saw that all white puppy, she took it as a sign that he might be the one for my family. He did have one small black spot on the side of his face. Pinky was deaf because of being all white so we hoped that this little boy wouldn't be. We would definitely have taken him either way though.

We ended up calling him Peanut. Here he is at 9 weeks when we picked him up at the Clemson Dog Show. He can hear!

Peanut is a VERY active and hyper, even for an Italian Greyhound. Miles and Stutz love him and play gently with him. Miles is more active and plays more than Stutz. Having someone to play with helps wear out Miles too. Miles is pretty hyper for a greyhound. Miles does most of the playing and Stutz does most of the snuggling and keeping Peanut warm. Stutz likes to snuggle with other dogs and Miles really doesn't like another dog to touch him when he is sleeping. At night Peanut sleeps under the covers with us but during the day he naps with Stutz.

Peanut as he grew. He was a stocky big puppy for an Italian Greyhound. 

It doesn't really show well in the pictures taken outside but as he grew he got a lot of dark freckles under his fur that show through. I have already been asked if he is a "dalmation puppy". Pinky didn't have the freckling and was much whiter.

Peanut is very hard to potty train, which is an Italian Greyhound trait. He seems to have only a few minutes of warning from the time he first realizes that he needs to go potty and the time he goes. Like Pinky before him, it is very hard for him to hold it. 

He has such a short attention span that I have to watch him to be sure he remembers to go potty when he is outside. He will go outside with Miles and Stutz, watch them go, sniff and play around, then follow them back into the house completely forgetting to do his business. He is getting better but we still have a lot of accidents even though he is approaching a year old. Italian greyhounds are very cute and sweet, but anyone that wants to buy or adopt one should understand that you WILL have accidents and be OK with cleaning up after them. Some owners teach their Iggys to go in cat litter boxes or on puppy pads since they can't always wait to get outside. 

Peanut is very outgoing for an Italian Greyhound, no shivering or timid behavior at all. He throws himself at people and tends to be overly excited to see everyone. He gives hugs and kisses. We haven't found anything he is afraid of, not even the dremel tool, we use to do his nails. He is very confident with all of our foster greyhounds. 

Peanut went to the GA Renaissance Festival in the spring as part of the Hounds of East Fairhaven when he was pretty small and did great. Since, he has done the Greenville Renaissance Festival and is now entertaining the crowd at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.