Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beach Bound Hounds

Photo BBH Photographer Bronnie Fisher
 Beach Bound Hounds is the greyhound event that our adoption group puts on at the end of September every year. We had 450 greyhounds in attendance with their owners this year. We take over the Sea Mist Resort and have vendors, dinners, beach walks, contests, seminars and fun for 4 days. I did a seminar for new owners and foster homes. Miles won the best trick contest there by doing 20 tricks in a minute.  Moose and I won the best owner dog costume contest by dressing up as a very small but notorious motorcycle gang.

Photo BBH Photographer Bronnie Fisher
Photo BBH Photographer Bronnie Fisher

 Miles learned how to curl up really small to sleep in an arm chair in the suite I share with several others. We don't have any arm chairs he can fit into at our house so this was a first for him. He also was filmed and photographed for Myrtle Beach Online

Photo Myrtle Beach Online
Big Moose got to meet little Moose the tiny star of the Birmingham Race Track commercials and her owner Mel that is the head of the adoption kennel at the race track. Here is another commercial. Mel did a seminar for us and talked about going from greyhound trainer into adoption and how she and her small group of volunteers move more than a 1000 greyhounds a year to adoption groups as far away as Canada.

The Moosekateers

 In addition to my own greyhounds, I took my foster LW's Fats to Beach Bound Hounds in hopes he would find a home. I wouldn't take many of my fosters on vacation with me but Fats is about as perfect as they come. He was well behaved in a hotel room and was not stressed in that type of crazy environment. He is so unique with his crooked nose and deformed face that I was sure that the greyhound people at BBH would appreciate him. I was not disappointed, by the end of the weekend a couple of people wanted him. He ended up going home to live with a BBH regular, Bettie, that lives in Florida. I am sure I will get to see him next year. I ended up not seeing much of Fats during the weekend. One of the speakers, Shelley Lake, a vet from Kansas that had flown in with no dogs, borrowed him for the weekend and helped show him off. Fat's new name is Max. Have a great life little boy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Miles and the Chicken

This is a video of Miles with his favorite new toy. A rubber chicken that squawks as it inflates rather than the other way around like most toys. Probably the loudest most obnoxious toy around but one that the dogs LOVE! We got it from Carl at Crazy Collars who is a great guy that supports greyhound adoption and fosters for Greyhound Crossroads. I don't think the toy is up on his website yet because he sold out of them so fast. He is reordering and you can get on the list by email.

We are still working on dock diving. We have been to a couple of competitions to practice in the pools they set up. They seem to be harder for him than just jumping off a dock into a lake - he does that with no problem. The first one we went to was a competition in Anderson. He didn't jump into the pool from the dock that time but did get in the pool and swam around. The second competition was in Woodruff and he did jump in a bunch of times off the dock. Still not at speed. He would pause at the edge of the dock before jumping in but at least we made progress and actually got some jumps.