Monday, October 29, 2012

Miles and the Chicken

This is a video of Miles with his favorite new toy. A rubber chicken that squawks as it inflates rather than the other way around like most toys. Probably the loudest most obnoxious toy around but one that the dogs LOVE! We got it from Carl at Crazy Collars who is a great guy that supports greyhound adoption and fosters for Greyhound Crossroads. I don't think the toy is up on his website yet because he sold out of them so fast. He is reordering and you can get on the list by email.

We are still working on dock diving. We have been to a couple of competitions to practice in the pools they set up. They seem to be harder for him than just jumping off a dock into a lake - he does that with no problem. The first one we went to was a competition in Anderson. He didn't jump into the pool from the dock that time but did get in the pool and swam around. The second competition was in Woodruff and he did jump in a bunch of times off the dock. Still not at speed. He would pause at the edge of the dock before jumping in but at least we made progress and actually got some jumps.

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Hiking Hounds said...

How funny! Good thing he killed it.2