Friday, September 7, 2012

Miles did an ASFA lure coursing competition on the 4th of July in Georgia. There was a heat wave going on at the time and temps were around 100 degrees. It was a wonderful field with plenty of shade. They had misters and baby pools and I had fans in my van. By staying wet and keeping the air blowing on us all day we stayed very cool. Miles got his first ASFA Ribbons - a nice blue one and Best of Breed and won a stuffed rabbit and a champagne flute with a greyhound on it.

In August my brothers were in town for my parents 50th Anniversary Party and everyone stayed at my house. Miles had CHILDREN to play with - 6 of them. He was in heaven- until his fur got nearly brushed off by over zealous grooming. We had to limit the grooming to once per day. He really enjoyed the leash walks around and around through the house and having kids to throw his toys for him and swim with him. I came in one day to Miles sitting in his crate WITH two little boys. He was squeezed as far back as he could get to make room for them. Moose wasn't as sure about the kids but decided they were OK after I gave them all treats to give the dogs. The kids passed out treats to the dogs several times a day and were very fair making sure everyone got equal amounts. Pinky the tiny Italian Greyhound got the same amount as the big dogs and is still on a diet to lose all the weight he gained. I came in one day to find Pinky sound asleep in his crate with a pair of kids swimming goggles on. I ran to get the camera but he had moved by the time I got back. My sister in law did get a picture of Moose wearing a swim mask though.
Miles and Jasmine

Moose ready for a swim
Miles and Jayli - she was the main dog groomer and dog walker

Miles newest sport is dock diving. He has been to two different docks on two different lakes and will jump off of them. Still working on getting a big jump with speed. He started out going to the edge, looking over at me in the water then carefully jumping in. Gradually he started leaping out into the water pretty far to get to me but that still isn't really far from a standstill. If I run and jump with him he will run and leap in but there is a huge downside to that - he tries his best to land ON me. If we can get that greyhound speed AND a big leap he will fly. We have lots of work ahead of us.

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Hiking Hounds said...

Congratulations to Miles on his ASFA win. I'm sure he had the best time, even in the heat. I love the swimming pictures. Moose is so cute.