Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miles Wants To Be a Police Dog

One of the things Miles seemed to enjoy most at BBH were the demos put on by the Greenville County K-9 Unit. They were fantastic! Miles got very excited watching the police dogs attacking the guy in the bite suit. He was barking and whining and would have joined in if he could have. He wasn't the only one, there were quite a few normally non-aggressive greyhounds that wanted a piece of the giant bunny just because they saw other dogs doing it. Shows how the excited energy of a dog or two can influence all the other dogs in the area.

This is a photo of what the dogs get paid with. Just a piece of hose - that is it.

After one of the performances one of the officers gave one of these toys to Miles. Right away Miles jumped straight up chest high just like the dog in the photo above to grab it. He had been watching the police dogs doing it and did it exactly the same way. I don't think he would have even been interested in the hose at all if he hadn't seen the other dogs playing with it with such enthusiasm.

The hose is pretty tough but in a few seconds of chewing on it Miles had stripped a bunch of the rubber off of it. It is a special toy now that only comes out once in a while when we are playing together. He doesn't get to take off with it. The only problem is that he has started flying through the air to grab other toys in the same way now and a 70+ dog that leaps up and slams into you at chest high with the speed of a greyhound isn't something you really want. We have had to discourage his new police dog games.

What is really amazing is that these highly trained dogs only attack on command and are fine with the public and even friendly. Got my photo taken with one of them as proof.

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