Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Eyes

My husband was trying to take some photos of Miles with his cell phone. This is what he got. Never have seen this before! I haven't noticed Miles eyes being hyper reflective at any other time so I am hoping it is just the flash on the phone and not some problem with his eyes.

Funny story about Miles. Sunday morning we were trying to sleep in a bit and woke up to the lovely sound of Miles drinking out of the toilet. Went back to sleep and woke up to Miles hopping up on the bed a short time later. He walked over to Roy, stood over him, gagged and threw up on Roy's head. I almost fell out of bed laughing. He had had a bit too much of that toilet water. I just hope Roy remembered to flush. ROFL

Have had a few days of rain so Miles and his sister Piper have not been able to play outside or go for walks. Their brother Otto hasn't been over either. This is NOT a good thing!!! My friend Ann came over to visit and Miles went nuts leaping around. Fortunately she knows not to talk to or touch him and to just ignore him while he is acting like that. That didn't stop him from sticking his tongue in her mouth though during one of his leaps. ACK. He finally got control of himself and sat calmly so he could get petted. It didn't last long and he took off running into the bedroom, slid across the bed, sliding the covers off. Then ran around again and spun around on the bed and slid the mattress partially off. Weather is supposed to be better tomorrow thank goodness!!

We weighed Miles a few days ago and he weighs 74lbs. He suddenly is starting to put on muscle. His narrow puppy chest is starting to get wider. Still has a ways to go so I am sure he will end up being over 80lbs at a muscular racing weight once he finishes filling out. Looks like the hormones have started kicking in so he may be about as tall as he is going to get. He is nearly 30 inches right now at the shoulder. He is a big guy.

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