Monday, April 25, 2011

Lure Coursing Practice

Otto's family, Joe and Shari, and I took the dogs to their first ASFA lure coursing practice on Sunday April 17th. Shari and I both took pictures so some of these are hers and some are ones I took. The ones of me are all hers and the ones of Moose. She got some great action shots! The dogs all did great too! Miles ran the whole course with enthusiasm and without looking tired. I think it was 860 yards that day.

I played with Photoshop a bit to get this of Miles starting the course


This was Otto's very first time chasing a lure since he didn't get to go with Miles to the straight race practice. He ran part of the course then got unsighted and restarted. He caught onto the game quickly and seemed to enjoy it a lot.  I think he is going to be good because he is really agile in spite of his size.  We wrapped both of the pups legs to protect them from the line. I was so glad that we wrapped them in different colors or I wouldn't have known which was which. Otto had the royal blue wraps and Miles wraps were more turquoise.

Moose got to be the test dog and looked a bit like Alice in wonderland the first few times the lure turned. Never saw that happen at the track! The lure operator was really good about getting it way ahead of him before a turn so he had plenty of room to turn. Moose slowed a bit the first few times to figure out where the lure was going then turned and sped up. He did the whole course and didn't seem too tired afterward. Playing with the pups has given him some stamina I guess. 

Moose was quite excited while waiting for another turn. I am lucky he didn't get away from me.

Moose was a lot more excited about catching the plastic bags at the end. Miles just sniffed each one and looked like he was thinking, "All that running and they are JUST plastic trash bags!"

Don't let your greyhound play with plastic bags.


Hiking Hounds said...

Great pictures, especially the first one. I'm hoping to take Astro coursing this Saturday.

I'm glad that you were able to recover from the encephalitis you had as a child. What a scary and strange thing! Zephyr is still doing well, I just updated the blog. Of course now that he's doing better, I have a cold. :-)

Joanne said...

He will have a blast! Post photos!

Author said...

Hi, so cute! I'm waiting for my italian greyhound puppy, a little bit smaller than yours :)

Doug said...

Do love your site and love those greys. Although we have Borzoi, they can be just as serious and just as silly. BTW, if you are interested, we have a 'zoi blog somewhat along the lines of yours at:

Danny said...

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