Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching Up

Have gotten way behind. We have been busy doing lots of meet and greets, the Carolina Renaissance Festival and a new small Renaissance Festival in Greenville. We had a tornado or really bad thunderstorm that took down trees all over our property and piled a bunch on the dog pen fence.  

The dog pen. Yep there was a fence under there.
The pool is open and the pups have enjoyed playing in it this year. Much the same as last year- Otto stays on the steps mostly and Miles swims around. Miles lost a little of his form over the winter and started out splashing around a lot but he quickly remembered how to swim.

Otto mainly sits on the step
The pups still play rough but gently. No blood has ever been drawn. 
Moose our latest addition is doing great. I have only seen him correct Miles one time. The rest of the time Moose puts up with his puppy antics and joins in the fun. They love wrestling and playing mouth wars. Moose will let Miles and Otto pull his ears and lips until he yelps and never gets upset. He is really an angel. I thought Streak was a tolerant dog but Moose is much more tolerant of the pups.

Moose and Otto Playing

Miles and Moose 


4norrisam said...

hey i think i commented on your other page. that i couldnt figure out the breed of my new adopted puppy. ive had luna for about two weeks, and she is estimatedly 3 months old. i posted a photo of luna as my profile picture. and im prety sure she must b greyhound now. was looking for other opinion since i am a first time puppy mom and dont realy know much about breeds or anything realy. shes teachin me more than im teachin her i think, lol. what do u say? greyhound>?

Joanne said...

The picture is really tiny so it is hard to tell. She does look similar to one though and the brindle color is the most common color in greyhounds. Do you have any more photos of her? How much does she weigh? What state did she come from? Greyhound mixes are very rare since intact racers are kept on farms then go straight to the race track. They don't come into contact with other breeds so accidental breedings are rare and usually to another greyhounds. Most are spayed or neutered as soon as they are retired and get to adoption groups. Unlike other breeds there just aren't many intact greyhounds running loose to sire pups. She could also be a whippet or Italian greyhound cross if she is to small to be a greyhound. Would love to see more photos of her.

Bailey Be Good! said...

I found my way to your site, and I wanted to just say how adorable you both are! And those photos are beautiful. I was looking back at some posts and especially love the one where Otto is sitting in the pool. So cuuute! :)

I'm one of your newest followers. :)

Woofs & hugs! <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)