Monday, December 12, 2011


Ottobahn (Miles Per Hour's littermate)
 I got some photos of Otto all grown up. I think he still has a bit of a puppy face though. These were taken at 22 months. Otto is such a good boy! He is getting calmer and seems like he is calmer than Miles. I still watch him a couple of times a week for the day so he and Miles can play. He is always very well behaved and the pups never get into any trouble. They still sound and look like they play too rough but have never hurt each other. They do run a lot but spend as much time playing mouth wars on the bed now and do take a couple of naps during the day. No more running for hours. Now they play more like typical higher energy, young greyhounds. They run for a few minutes then rest and repeat.

Otto can sit!

Otto and his dad Joe

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Shari Clark said...

awwww! i didn't know you took these!