Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Ready for pups

Have been doing a lot of reading on puppy development this week to prepare for their arrival. Jen, who raised the pups, has already done the Super Puppy Early Neurological Stimulation during their first 4 weeks. So they are off to a good start.

Video of exercises

Also re-read Cesar Millan's "Raising the Perfect Dog" and "A Member of the Family". Want to make sure these pups are started off right.

My foster Scooby Doo will be adopted this week. As soon as he is gone I will bleach and steam clean his kennel and the dog room to get it ready for pups. Am planning to move the plants and table out and put an X-pen up there.

Am borrowing more baby gates to enclose this area for the pups to play in. I have a tunnel, agility stuff, small stairs and toys to put in this area for the pups to play on. My project for today is to get the weeds mowed down and leaves hauled out. Wish the weather would cooperate - it is very cold and windy.

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