Saturday, February 6, 2010

BIrthday Gift

Got a great Birthday gift! Just found out that instead of waiting to get my puppy until he is 10 weeks old like originally planned, I will be able to pick up my puppy on Feb 13 at just over 5 weeks old. I am going to pick up his mom too and some of his littermates so most of the family will remain together until they are 8 to 10 weeks old. The other littermates will remain with Jen who has them now. She has a Saluki that has adopted the pups and is showing more interest in them than their real mom. So her Saluki will raise the pups that are staying in Alabama or headed West and the ones that are being adopted closer to SC will come to me. Can hardly wait for Saturday!

I have hand raised pups before from 1 day old and a couple of greyhound pups that were four and a half weeks old when I got them. I haven't ever had a greyhound mom and pups to raise in my house before. Will be fun but a lot of work I am sure. Am I crazy?

As far as I know all the pups are spoken for but their mom Sara will be available for adoption in a few weeks. She has been in a home before and is very people oriented. Sara loves everyone. She just turned 5 on February 4th. Her sire was the famous Kiowa Sweet Trey. Here is a photo.

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