Wednesday, August 4, 2010

6 months old

A little late posting but Miles (above) turned 6 months old on July 6th. He weighed a bit over 50lbs and Otto slightly less. Not sure what Kohle weighs or the size difference between the boys because we haven't seen him all month. The pups are very tall and lanky. At 6 months they are the size of a female greyhound and taller than some of the foster females we have had recently. They aren't as long or as muscular as adult greyhounds so are much taller than an adult female that weighs the same as they do. They were closer in height to a 60 - 65lb female (racing weight).

Miles blaze is getting smaller and thinner the bigger he gets. It is getting harder to tell him and Otto apart now. Otto is just a bit darker in color and more narrowly built but they have been the same height for awhile. Miles used to lay with his legs straight out behind him like a frog but he quit doing that about the time he turned 6 months old. The other pups hadn't done it since they were pretty small. He started a new behavior about the time he stopped that one. He grins now. Usually when he is very happy like when we come home or when we have company. He lifts that nose and lips and shows all his teeth in a happy greyhound grin sometimes his teeth snap together like a gator just like JD's.

Handsome Otto looking very grown up

The pups are going through the 2nd fear phase now. Odd things scare them - like swimming in the pool. They tend to over react to things that never bothered them before. A larger dog coming over to play scared Otto and he ran away screaming and peeing in spite of all his early socialization. The boys were both very afraid of the water when we finished filling the pool and would even run away from us after a few swimming lessons that they didn't enjoy. Even after Miles started swimming on his own he would not get in the pool if Otto's owner, Joe, was in the water just because he had helped during some of the early swimming lessons. Glad I had read about this stage beforehand so I wasn't surprised by it.

Love this one! Otto looks like a grazing deer and Miles looks like the big bad wolf.

They are great pups. Very active. Although they play very rough, blood has never been drawn. It often looks and sounds like they are killing each other though. After watching them play, I can see that most of the loud rough housing at the greyhound playgroup that we stop really is just play. Greyhounds stay with their littermates for the first year of their lives instead of being separated from them at 6 or 8 weeks like most dogs. Their play gets rougher as they get to be adolescents but they have learned to be gentle with their bites. They have so much control. Even when one is clearly angry with the other, the discipline that is given does not draw blood. Occasionally there is a scratch or a scab that I find later but so far that is as far as it has gone.

Water still coming out of one of their pool toys as they carry it around.

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