Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simple Pleasures in Life

There is nothing like watching a puppy to make you appreciate the simple pleasures in life... like warm sand. Miles got to go for his first boat ride on Lake Keowee. We stopped on a little island so Miles and his greyhound friend Opie could run around off leash. There was a sandy beach and Miles discovered the joys of rolling in sand.

Opie isn't used to playing with greyhounds other than the ones he lives with so we made sure the boys played nice by keeping them muzzled. Miles has learned to wear a muzzle but does try to rub it off from time to time. I think that is how he first discovered the sand.

Eventually he was rolling around making what almost looked like snow angels in the sand.

A happy but sandy pup.

Jenny and Bret, Opie's parents and the owners of the boat, hose the sand off Miles before our trip back.

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