Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Photos of the Boys at 11 months

Weighed Miles, and he is holding steady around 75lbs. Might have even lost just a little weight. He gets as much as he wants to eat and gets 2 - 3 meals a day depending on how much he ate for breakfast. If he ate a big breakfast he usually skips lunch. His hipbones show a little more than they did when he was younger and as you can see from the photos his muscle is developing so he should be gaining weight. I think it may just be impossible to keep weight on the pups with the amount they run and cold weather burns calories too.

I have increased the amount of fat Miles gets. He is on mainly raw beef and bone with less deer and chicken now since they are leaner meats. He also gets plenty of organ meats, along with some veggies and fruits. He rarely gets grains unless I forget to thaw his raw food and he ends up having to eat some dog food. When he gets dog food I put it in toys. He has what looks like a giant hamster ball that has holes in it. He rolls it around so the dog food falls out of it. He has a similar toy that looks like a flashlight. It has a dog food sized hole on one side of the handle. It used to take him about an hour of carrying it, rolling it and dropping it to shake the dog food out of that one tiny hole. He has figured out how to unscrew the top now so when he gets tired of playing with it he just unscrews it and gets all the food out at once. Great toys that keep a pup busy!!! Pinky the IG follows Miles around and grabs bites of food too.

Miles is wearing the red collar and Otto is wearing the green.

Miles still smiles but this is not a smile. He was trying to keep Otto from taking the toy. They sound and look SO vicious when they are playing but never hurt each other. Just like children, they fuss over every toy. If one has it, the other wants it. They only play with one toy at a time no matter how many are laying around. They will pick up a toy and prance past the other pup trying to get it to give chase.

Miles prey drive is very intense. Even with the socializing we did with cats early on he is not safe with them at all now. With pups short memory it seems they need to see something at least once a month or they will forget the rules associated with it. We skipped a couple of months working with cats and they became prey again. Will definitely do more work with all small animals. I don't have cats but want him to ignore any kind of small animal if I tell him to indoors or outdoors. My other two greyhounds could be called off of strange cats and even raccoons in the yard. It took a lot of work but it can be done.

A couple of days ago he got another bird in the yard. Have never had a greyhound that was such a good hunter before. Miles can snag birds out of bushes and out of the air. I was out scooping poop and didn't see him get the bird but noticed him throwing it up and catching it after he had killed it. Does this look like the face of a serial killer?

Wanted to get a photo showing how Miles has gone white on his hind end and on the inside of his legs. Doesn't really show how white it is because of the shadows. Also wanted a photo of his hind end before it gets bald. My greyhounds all run enough when lure coursing that they keep their bald racing booty. I am sure Miles will be no exception and will lose his hair as he gets older. JD finally grew his fur in at 11 years old after he got bone cancer and was forced to stop running around. Streak never did and came in second in the bald butt contest at Beach Bound Hounds in September just a month and a half before he died. Streak has won first place every year he has entered the contest except for this one. My first greyhound without a bald booty - Miles.


Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

Love the photo of someone (not sure if it's Otto or Miles, can't see his collar), with the toy in his mouth. What a great shot!

Hiking Hounds said...

Great photos. The one of Miles showing teeth reminds me of an alien creature in the move Avatar (I think that's it). :-) It's great that Miles and Otto get to play with each other.