Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Otto and the Log

Count Otto's legs. Miles was actually in the photo but totally blocked by Otto except for his legs. Made Otto look like he had some extra legs.

The boys have a toy box FULL of toys but Otto decided to pick up a log and play with that instead. It was a very large log as you can see.

The pups have been cooped up in the house a little more than usual because of the very cold weather. They are pretty tough and want to play outside most of the day on all but the coldest days though. If it is very cold they play outside in 15 minute to half hour shifts. When Otto stands by the door looking miserable it is time to let them in to warm up. He has always had shorter fur than Miles and has always been a bit skinnier so tends to be the first to get cold. As long as they are running they stay pretty warm though. I have seen them panting when it is in the 30s. They are completely covered with fur without any bald patches on butt or belly so really seem to tolerate the cold weather better than most greyhounds. Probably because they have played outside so much and have gotten used to it and grew extra hair to protect them.

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