Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miles Gets Left For the First Time

January 17th my husband Roy's mother died in her sleep. She was 92 and hadn't been in the best health but it was still a shock because she had gotten better after a stroke and another hospitalization a couple of months ago. We packed our bags on the 17th and left on the 18th to drive to Texas for her funeral on Jan 19th.

Joe and Shari (Otto's parents) offered to keep Miles. Roy's family are animal people so they really didn't mind if we brought a dog with us but I didn't feel right about taking both dogs. We decided Pinky would be the better one to take since he is older and better behaved. My friend Becky took my foster Giggles. Shari took some photos of the boys while I was gone and posted them on our adoption group's forum so I could see Miles. These are all her photos.

The mean brothers

Miles had a great time playing with his brother every day. He was at Joe and Shari's from Monday night the 17th until the following Sunday when we got home. They have a huge steep hill that goes straight up behind their house that is at least 3 stories tall. They said that Otto is used to running up it but Miles couldn't quite keep up so would cut across to catch Otto. I could definitely see more definition on Miles hind end muscles when I got home.

Look a likes - can you tell which is which?

Miles is wearing the yellow collar and Otto is in the green.

Miles has a new behavior. He SITS on furniture! Now that he is so tall he just backs up to a chair and sits down next to us. He even does it on the car seat. Here he is sitting in the sun room. Roy was on the couch and I was sitting across from him talking to him when Miles walked up and sat down to join the family discussion. He stayed in that position for quite awhile.

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