Friday, March 18, 2011


Miles loves to watch TV. The other night he watched an entire show on grizzlies, wolves and elk. He never took his eyes off the screen as you can see from the video.

Miles got to make a return trip to Sandy Paws the first weekend in March. He was only 8 weeks old when he was there the first time last year. He was the smallest one last year and this year he was one of the taller guys. He got his photo taken quite a few times by people that had pictures holding him last year. Amazing how much they grow. He thought every person and dog was there just to see him. He would happily go up to everyone and most of the adult dogs spotted that he was a pup right away and surprised their owners by growling at him. He didn't look like a puppy to the owners since he was so tall. We heard "Sorry, my dog never does that." so many times. Had to tell people he was a pup and their dogs got a "puppy pass". The adult dogs just growl at pups to let them know they aren't interested in playing or socializing. There was another puppy there, a silken windhound saluki cross, named Floyd that he enjoyed playing with.

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