Thursday, June 3, 2010

Empty Pool and Puppy Teeth

The Pool
We have the pool nearly empty for re-grouting right now. It would be totally empty if it hadn't rained every day for the last week. The deep end now has rain water that is nearly hip high. It was hot so Miles and I went for a swim. Swim for him, more of a wade for me. He did OK but had a lot more fun running around in the shallow end to dry off. I grabbed the camera hoping to get some photos of him running on the walls of the pool. They are banked a bit so he could get pretty sideways and was loving kicking off of them. He quit by the time I got the camera so I got his ball. It is very sloped toward the 10 foot deep end so he had to be quick to keep the ball from rolling in the water. Still didn't get any pictures of him climbing the walls but the ones I did get are pretty cute.

Mom plays a mean trick by throwing a second ball into the pool. Will have to get this one with my paw.

Uh Oh! It is getting away from me.

The ball picks up speed and heads for the water in the deep end.

What to do? Can't put down this ball to get the other ball out of the water or this one will roll in too. Notice my baby canines on the bottom are gone along with some of my other teeth. I am a bit toothless right now.

Better sit down and ponder this some more.

I know! Mom can you get the other ball for me? PLEASE!

Baby Teeth
Otto, Miles brother was here for the day and Miles lost all of these baby teeth biting him and playing tug with him. His bottom two canines came out the last time they got together and rough housed on Monday. Otto is a little ahead of Miles and already has most of his adult teeth starting to come in. I found these laying on the rug, on the bed where they wrestle and on the porch. The molars are about the size of human molars but you can see that the other teeth are smaller than a grain of rice. There were probably plenty I didn't find. The boys love to play bite each others faces and necks - I call them the Wet Neck Boys.

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HoundStead said...

Amazing photos, love the pool background, gives a studio canvas feel, Miles is sooo the model and loves to clown for Mom and the camera, I think that's actualy a young Ghound trait.
Really enjoying your blog, reading it from start to finish! Great pictures!