Monday, June 28, 2010

Predator Pup

We were at Petco all day Saturday for a meet and greet. We were near the birds and I thought that Miles was showing a little too much interested in them. Some licking of lips and staring. He also watches the birds flying around the yard at home with more than a little interest. We have birds in one of our chimneys and they make a lot of noise which alerts him too.

Miles was tired after the meet and greet and went to sleep on my bed so I did some housework figuring it was safe not to watch him. When Roy got home he asked what Miles was doing in the living room and said he had pooped on the floor. Miles hasn't had an accident in the house in a very long time so that surprised me. I was in for a bigger surprise, it wasn't poop - it was a bird. Probably one of the adult birds from the nest in the chimney.

After watching birds all day at Petco, Miles found a bird in his own living room! He caught it and had killed it without making a sound - well nearly killed it. I was in the next room with an open door and there was no commotion or anything. Must have been very stealthy because the living room is huge with a two story high beamed ceiling. Would be very easy for a bird to fly away from a dog in there. So even 5 month old pups can be pretty good predators. The bird was in way too bad of shape to save. The baby birds in the chimney have been in there for a long time so should be about ready to leave the nest. I hope the other parent will be able to take care of them alone until they are ready.

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