Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pups in Motion

Took Streak, Otto and Miles to the baseball field near my house to run. Love to take pictures of greyhounds running. They are just amazing even as puppies! Here is a picture that shows how big the pups are next to Streak. He probably isn't the best one to make a comparison too since he raced at 92lbs and is exceptionally large for a male greyhound. You can see the pups are about girl greyhound size though.

Miles loves to run!

Both greyhound pups playing keep away with a ball. Miles is wearing the blue collar and Otto has a white one on.


The pups can keep up with Streak pretty well. He isn't usually big on playing with the pups but was chasing the ball some too. I was thrilled to get some photos of Miles and him playing together since it doesn't happen very often.

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