Friday, May 14, 2010

18 Week Old Roach

Miles has plenty of dog beds, human beds and couches to sleep on but usually chooses to sleep on the wood floor. Maybe it is cooler? He has been practicing his roach since day one and is definitely a professional roacher now with a lot of style. He woke up while I was taking pictures but decided not to get up.

You can see some of his new big boy teeth. Still has puppy canines though. When we were at the vet at 17 weeks she asked how sure we were about their age. Otto had lost quite a few baby teeth and had a lot of adult teeth already. She said he looked like he was closer to 20 weeks. Miles teeth were typical 17 week old teeth though and we do know what days they were born. A few were born on the evening of Jan 5th and the rest were born on the 6th. Miles was born about half way through so he was born on the 6th. January 6th was JD's birthday (the dog I lost to cancer last year).

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