Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Renaissance Festival

These photos are from the second weekend of the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Miles and I only went on Sunday because we were at Bark in the Park in Charlotte all day on Saturday. Thanks to Debbie Rater for taking the pictures.

Left to right. Sharon, Debbie and I

Sharon in blue. I am in gold.

With the Queen and King at Court.

Miles did fantastic. I hope someone got some photos of us up on the joust platform. He was much better this weekend. The first weekend he would turn his head or get under the bench when the knights started fighting each other. He was fine as long as they were jousting hay bales or rings but once they started fighting he couldn't watch. This weekend he was better and would watch part of the fights and seemed much more relaxed.

Had a couple of funny things happen. While we were standing back stage waiting to go on stage for the joust the knights rode in and stood near Miles and I. Miles looked at them, sniffed, then took a step toward the biggest knight on the biggest horse and gave him his best scary big dog bark. Everyone laughed at the puppy that bravely challenged the biggest and baddest of the knights. The horse whose head was just above him didn't even act like he noticed. Miles quickly relaxed and went back to searching for horse poop to eat.

The other funny was when Miles and I walked past the skin dealers tent. The skin dealer sells animal skins and wears a big black heavy fur cape that hangs down to the back of his knees and carries a huge knife. He looks like a big black bear from the back with that fuzzy cape on. When we walked by, the skin dealer walked over jokingly eying Miles brindle coat and commented on what a nice pair of boots he would make. We laughed and when he turned to walk away, that cape flipped around a foot or two in front of Miles face. In a split second the greyhound pup did what greyhounds do and had launched himself and was hanging from the cape and pulling for all he worth trying to take down that giant black bunny. I am glad it was so quick that I didn't see it coming, otherwise I would have stopped him. It was a classic moment and the pup got the last word.

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