Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Months Old And Smokin!

It has been a big week! Sara (the pups' mom) got adopted by a family in Columbia. Have gotten photos of her and updates and she is doing fantastic and is being very good. It was hard to see her go but I know she got a great home.

Sara in her new home

Sunday, Miles litter mate, Kohle came to stay for a few days while his owner was out of town. Miles didn't even seem to notice that Sara was gone until Kohle went home on Wednesday. I think he missed her some then, more because he didn't have anyone to play with than because she was his mom. He spent a lot more time playing by himself or trying to get me to play with him than he used to with Sara here.

The pups are growing SO fast! Miles weighed 44.3 lbs today when we weighed him so he is nearly the size of a very tiny female. A greyhound person came by yesterday and commented on what a tiny greyhound he was, not realizing that he was a pup. Kind of sad that they grow up so fast. That said, Miles is certainly NOT old enough to get caught smoking!

Of course, it was actually just a white raw hide he was chewing on. It looked so funny though I couldn't resist taking pictures.

Singing with Streak. His "cigarette" is barely visible next to his leg.

Freaky play eyes. A rope toy with two cow hooves tied on it is his favorite toy. His brothers love this toy too.

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