Friday, May 14, 2010

Proof Puppies Will Eat Anything

Otto and Miles getting so grown up.

It is true puppies will eat anything. I noticed Otto laying on the rock patio just licking and licking the rock for quite awhile. I walked over to see what it was and there was a tiny white spot of bird poop. When he lost interest Miles came over and started licking the same rock. At that point I got the camera. You can see the wet rock between his paws. A few minutes later after he finished I took a picture of the wet rock with the white spot still visible.

Miles is quite the singer now and will join in a roo fest started by humans or dogs.

At their last checkup at the vet at 17 weeks Miles was 35lbs, Otto was 30lbs and their brother Kohle was 23lbs. Otto is about the same height as Miles now just a little narrower. Can you believe how big they are next to their mother Sara? Pinky the Italian Greyhound can now run under the pups. The pups can't run under their mother anymore.

Love Miles new big dog fur so I took a photo of it. No more puppy fuzz.

Doesn't he look way too grown up?

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