Sunday, March 21, 2010

Furry Friends

These photos are from when Miles was 9 weeks old and about 15 lbs. Some of Mile's friends came over to play. A little golden mix named Roo that is a week older than Miles and Jack the Doxi (a young adult that is still a pup at heart). There is a big fenced area off the stable that the pups love to play in. Pinky my deaf Italian Greyhound supervised the pups. Pinky acts like he wants to play and has the energy to keep up with the pups but for now he still just keeps them in line with a growl or air snap if they bother him. It was a beautiful warm day so we stayed outside for a few hours. The two pups actually fell asleep in the leaves.

WOW! Under these leaves there is DIRT! You can DIG in it and it doesn't taste bad either!

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