Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Took Miles on a couple of long hikes during his 10th week. His energy and stamina are up to covering longer distances now. We went with our friend Jann who brought 4 of her own dogs along. That is Jann the May Pole getting all eight dogs out of my van. Three of the dogs are puppies all about the same age. I had Miles and his brother Otto and she had her golden mix pup Roo. The first hike we did was at Paris Mountain State Park and it was about 5.6 miles long. The next hike was a better distance of 4.8 miles and was to Raven Cliff Falls at Caesar's Head. The pups were very tired after both but weren't laying down and falling asleep at every stop like they did at the end of the longer of the two hikes.

Left to Right: Miles, Sara (pup's mom), Me, Otto and Pinky. This was on the trail to Raven Cliff Falls at Caesar's Head.

We made it to the falls and it started snowing! It was nice when we left Greenville so I just had on the windbreaker and only had Pinky the Italian Greyhound in a coat. A cold front came in and we went way up in elevation. Will be checking the weather forecast for future hikes. It got steadily colder while were hiking and I would have had all the dogs wearing coats had I known how cold it was going to be. Had lost feeling in my face and hands even though we jogged some on the way back to keep warm.

Miles and Roo at the falls.

Glad I was able to give the pups this new experience when I did. Those will probably be the last hikes in awhile. Stepped down wrong last night and either broke a bone in my foot or sprained my ankle. I don't even have any good story or reason for it. I was just putting a dog toy away in the garage. I can't put any weight on it and it is all swollen up. Have it wrapped up and am on crutches for awhile. Done with hiking for awhile and am wondering how in the world I am going to watch Miles every second and give him enough exercise while I am on crutches. ACK!


Emily said...

Your white IG looks just like mine. Where did you find her? I love the all white ones, so beautiful and rare!

Joanne said...

I got him from a breeder in Tennessee. He was deaf because he was white so couldn't be shown. Can your white IG hear?

Emily said...

yes, she can hear just fine... especially if it involves crinkling of a food bag! Do you have the breeder information?