Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning Fast

My pup still has NO official name! ACK! Trying to come up with something that fits him. Right now he responds quickly to Poo Pah which is something all the pups were called all along. They answered to it when they got to me. Got to find something better to call him when he is grown up.

OttoBahn had his first sleep over with his new family a few nights ago. He did great but his brother and mom were sure glad to see him when he got back. The pups went nuts running, fighting, growling and barking at each other when he got back. They get wilder by the day. They are calmer by themselves but when they get together they are flying through the house at top speed. They are getting so big it is getting hard to carry both of them especially when they squirm.

They are both eating their raw food great and have plumped up some. Otto is still the smaller and more wiry of the two with shorter fur. My pups is larger and fuzzier. Otto still has a shorter nose but it is starting to get longer and more greyhound like. He is really cute with white socks on all his feet.

Have been working on teaching them to walk on leash and they are getting better at it. They are programmed to stay so close at this age I can drop the leash and they just follow along. They are used to wearing collars now but don't like the feel of the collar tightening up on their neck so I give them treats while pulling just a bit on their collar to associate the feeling with something good.

My pup is learning his obedience commands and has sit and front sit down perfect. He does down but has to be lured into position with food still. His recall is good if he is paying attention. He is learning to finish both directions and is pretty good at the longer right finish but keeps trying to sit facing me on the left finish instead of turning around. He loves to sit and is offering it all the time in hopes of getting something yummy. We have also been working on scent discrimination. Plastic cups with meat hidden under one. If he finds it he gets it. Fun game. He has to know tricks too - sit up and crawl are the ones we are working on first. Pups are so easy and fun to train at this age but I have to keep training sessions really short and frequent.

Momma Sara is down to nursing once a day. Not because she wants that but because she is scheduled for her spay on Thursday. The pups will be 8 weeks old this Wednesday so it is time for them to get weaned. Tonight when the pups tried to nurse there was nothing there and they gave up after a minute or two and started playing. Success!! Sara is getting more playful and I got to watch her running and playing with both pups tonight. Really sweet to watch her carefully playing with them. They figured out that she couldn't get under the futon or the table so would hide from her under there. She is a great girl that will make someone a fun pet. She is still looking for a family.

Working on training my boy to stay in a small crate - My Italian Greyhound's crate. They sleep in a large greyhound size crate now that is attached to an Xpen so they are used to being in a crate. Just need to get him used to being in a small crate that will be easy to transport to Sandy Paws - a greyhound get together at Jekyll Island Georgia that starts on Thursday. His first big trip other than the move from Alabama where he was born to my house in South Carolina. He is learning to take naps in the crate and has only howled once so far.

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