Monday, March 8, 2010

Sand and Sticks

We have a name finally! Miles Per Hour - Miles. Ann Owens came up with that name on our first trip to see Alabama to visit the puppies when he was just 10 days old. Seemed to fit him the best since he can outrun me at just 8 weeks old.

Miles was lacking a few of his 100 people that he needs for proper socialization before he turns 9 weeks old so we headed to Sandy Paws at Jekyll Island Georgia to find a few more people. I think he got held and petted by more than 100 people in one day alone there. He gave out kisses to all and had so many pictures taken of him that he should never be afraid of any flashing lights or lightning. We got there Friday and left Saturday night so were only there 2 days of the event. We had a good time and there were a lot more firsts. His first ride in an elevator and it was a glass one. He did his first full steep staircase since we were on the second floor. He learned to go up and down the whole way on his own. His first night in a hotel, first night sleeping in a bed, first sand, first beach, first waves and probably a bunch more I forgot. Got a photo of him doing his first open stairs out on the beach. He did great and didn't seem stressed by any of it. No accidents in the hotel room at all or in any of the indoor vending areas. He always went outside.

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That One Girl said...

Love the one with him and the stick! He looks like a doggie James Dean!! *giggle*