Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mama Sara

The pups are 11 weeks old now. They play for long periods - hours rather than minutes then they sleep very soundly. Miles sleeps through the night in his crate by himself. We still have puppy pads and newspapers down in an X-pen attached to his crate so he can go there when he wakes up. He usually goes outside during the day though. We leave the X-pen gate open when he is out so he can go on the newspapers if an emergency comes up and he almost always does. The pups have never soiled their crate since I got them at 5 weeks. It is a 48 inch long XL crate with blankets in it so is not the small den that is usually recommended for potty training pups.

Sara, the pups mom, has not been adopted yet so is still at my house. She still loves spending time with Miles and the other pups when they are here. She has gotten really playful with Miles and they run through the house chasing and playing with each other every day. The play sessions can last 30 minutes or more and I am amazed that Sara has the energy to keep up with Miles as a 5 year old. Sara plays very gently with him and he rarely yelps even though it sometimes looks and sounds pretty rough. He is about 20lbs and she is around 58lbs so he is about one third her size. They move so fast most of the photos ended up being slightly blurry.

The chase moves to the living room

Sleeping on the bed with his "big brother" Streak after playing.