Tuesday, April 27, 2010

15 Weeks

Here is the happy little family at 15 weeks. Got some photos to show how Kohl (the darkest pup) is catching up to Miles and Otto in size. He is still built lighter but is catching up in height so finally looks like he is from the same litter.

Sara and Kohle

Kohle and Otto

At this age it is all about play fighting and playing keep away. No matter how many toys there are, the pups all want the same toy.

It is MY leaf! Stay back or else!

OK you forced me to show you scary PUPPY TEETH!

Not much left of the leaf after the battle.

Even though he is tired, Miles thinks about making a move for the duck.

Don't make me show you the TEETH again

Round two.

Finally worn out, the pups look deceptively innocent when they are sleeping

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