Friday, April 16, 2010

Ice Cream

At a fund raiser for the Greenwood Humane Society. Dogs got free ice cream. Humans had to pay. I took Sara and Miles and met Lisa and Dennis with their two nearly grown greyhound pups Rosie and Ally.Kim and Robert Owens and a former foster Immani and her family also met us there. Miles met a 5 month old pup there that looked like a corgi mix. They had a great time playing and managed to tumble my Monkey Madness Ice Cream scoop right of the top of the cone.
Lesson Learned: Don't carry an ice cream cone in the same hand as the leash!

Miles practicing his sit and touch with lots of doggy distractions. I am still wearing the boot on my foot while it heals but left the crutches in the car. Didn't think there would be any way to walk two dogs on crutches and eat an ice cream cone. I know Cesar Millan could probably do it but I am not quite that talented yet. LOL

After losing my first ice cream I got a second. I limped a couple of steps and that one rolled right off the cone too before I got one taste.
Lesson Learned: Push the ice cream scoop down into the cone BEFORE you try to limp off with it.
Miles and Sara enjoyed sharing the fallen scoop. Kim bought me a 3rd ice cream. This time I asked for a bowl instead of a cone and remained seated while Kim delivered it to me. Monkey Madness is now one of my top 3 Bruesters Flavors along with Key Lime Pie and Birthday Cake.

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