Friday, April 16, 2010

Running On Water

The pups learned early on to stay off the covered pool. Every time they put a paw on the cover they got an ACK! The pool cover did hold an 85lb male greyhound at a run once so I knew it would hold them but I just didn't want the cover damaged. The pups have been so good and run around the pool very careful not to get in it or even step on the edge of the pool cover until yesterday.

Otto was over yesterday for his normal Thursday play day with his Miles. The pups were playing outside with Sara supervising while I did some work on the computer. Suddenly I heard splashing. Miles had discovered the joy of running in water. Otto and Sara ran around the edge barking at him at first but it didn't take Otto long to join him. The pool was their race track and was even banked on the edges for turning at speed. I had to get pictures before making them stop.

After I made them quit, Otto dug a hole and the boys rolled around in the dirt to dry off. When I opened the door one bolted in and made a bee line for my bed. Did a few laps on the bed leaving muddy foot prints before I got him back outside. They stayed outside most of the day they were such a mess. They played from 8am to 7pm except for a half hour nap outside around 1:30 and another one inside in the crate between 3 and 4pm. They are like energizer bunnies. I don't know how they can eat enough food to maintain their weight with all that running and wrestling.

"Please let us in. We aren't wet anymore. We dried off in the dirt."
Even the window got dirty and you should see the patio in front of the door.

Their other brother came by around 4pm to play and it was a repeat. He has never gotten on the pool either but that is the first place he went. Otto and Miles were good and didn't join him but I had to chase him off the pool cover 5 or 6 times. He doesn't have a name yet but responds to "Gator Boy". He looks fantastic now with a shiny dark coat. He finally has caught up with the other boys enough to look like he is from the same litter. He is still a little shorter and his legs are not quite as thick and strong but they don't look like Italian Greyhound legs anymore. Will get some photos next time he comes over.

Miles is mostly sleeping through the night now and is sleeping in the bedroom with us now instead of in his crate. Last night was his 3rd night on a regular dog bed! One night out of the 3 he woke us up by going to the door to be let out. The rest of the time he has stayed on his bed.

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