Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Ear Days

You will notice a common theme in all the pictures this week......bad ears. Suddenly they were like little satellite dishes pointing every direction. Guess it is a phase because it happened to all the pups at the same time and Miles ears have improved since the photos were taken.

Yet to be named brother. He weighs 15lbs now. All his hair is growing back in. He still has just a little of the scruffy old fur from his skin problem days but this guy looks like a totally different pup now!

Otto, who had the most beautiful perfect ears... last week.

Miles is 25lbs now. Which foot is Miles and which one belongs to his mom Sara?

The foot with white on it belongs to the 12 week old pup Miles.

Here is another one that shows how big he is. Really too big to fit on a lap now but we still try.

Miles is a frogger and crawls around like this with his legs out in the back. Doesn't look very comfortable. Have taught him to army crawl like this on command. When he does it on a wood floor it looks like he is swimming in place.

Puppy Roaching

This sweet innocent looking pup did finally destroy something this week. I think this is the first item I have lost to the "horrible wild greyhound puppies" that everyone warns about.... a pack of basil seeds. The evidence was found chewed up in his crate. I did catch him munching on the wicker couch in the dog room once but it was before any real damage was done. He is very energetic like any other pup and getting larger but he is smart and has learned which toys are his and which are mine. So far so good... knocking on wood.

Unnamed brother and Otto playing

Miles ears

The pups with Pinky my Italian Greyhound. When the photos were taken the pup with no name was about the same size as Pinky at about 13lbs. He had narrower legs like Pinky and was more petite than his brothers. When this photo was taken Otto was about 20lbs and Miles was 23 or so. Their legs and paws were about as big around as an adult greyhound's already although they weren't as long. They are a few inches taller than Pinky.

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