Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fourteen Weeks Today!


Miles eyes stayed blue for a lot longer than the other pups and I was beginning to wonder if he was going to look more like an Australian Shepard then a Greyhound. Otto's eyes were already getting dark when I got them at 5 weeks old. All the other pups eyes got dark quickly too. Miles eyes gradually got gray then kind of green but it now looks like they are going to be gold. As you can see in the pictures his ears have recovered from the bad ear week last week. I love the gold eyes. Streak's eyes are gold too.

Momma Sara still hasn't been adopted and I have to admit that I am in no hurry to see her go. It is so much fun to see a mother raise her pups in a natural way. I believe that Miles will be a better pup because of her influence. Sara still plays with the pups and has a lot of energy for 5 years old. She will run and play wrestle for an hour at a time with Miles. I didn't have Otto over to play for the last week because it is hard to watch two pups on crutches. Sara had to fill in for him and would play with Miles several times a day. She is always gentle and Miles rarely yelps. His legs have grown so much that when he stands up on his hind legs he can rest his elbows on Sara's back. Miles is 27lbs now. Otto is up to 25lbs and the other brother is 17lbs.

Pinky the Italian Greyhound joins in the Greyhound Games

Watch the ear!

Mom decides enough is enough and gently pins Miles to the ground. Game over.

All that rolling in grass made me itchy.

I talked to Mel at the Birmingham Track Adoption Kennel and two of the pups were adopted by a family in Florida and are home now. The runt and one male are still at the kennel. They are supposed to go to families in Oregon and California. They have put on weight and have gotten over their skin infection and have all their hair now. The runt has a dark brindle glossy coat. The male is a lighter brindle and has a thicker fuzzier coat.

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